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Sopho Aptsiauri- co-author Tatia Khaliani

Best investigative or opinion article in printed or online media

'Labour for Survival' ( This appears to be the two-part reportage of two authors of “Liberal” about those people, who had to work hard in Chiatura, Zestaponi, Tkibuli and Bolnisi to survive their families and themselves as well. Tati Akhaliani and Sopho Aptsiauri tell the reader about everyday life of miners and workers, their problems and working conditions.
Each hero of the reportage has own history. The authors managed to describe their life clearly and exactly just by the allowance of these histories – miners and workers, who produce the most expensive product in the country, though in spite of this they fight against the poverty and hardship till today.
The works is filled with the photos of one of the authors, Sopho Aptsiauri, which the jury considered to be one of the main advantages of Tati Akhaliani and Sopho Aptsiauri’s reportage along with their diversity, comprehensiveness and flexible narrative style.

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Nana Biganishvili

Best TV/Radio report

TV Investigation 'Protecting Vake Park' (Studio Monitor)

Nana Biganishvili, investigator journalist of the Studio “Monitor” once again approves the necessity and need of this direction in journalistic with her film “For Protecting the Vake Park”; especially in Georgia, where the society often suffers with the lack of true information and comprehensive works from the media side.

From one hand “For Protecting the Vake Park” completely undertakes the media obligation to be the controller permanently and give the society important information and from another it clearly shows that the decisive battle line for the society often passes through the topics like Vake Park.

Nana Biganishvili’s film is prepared by defending the professional and ethical norms and really complies with the standard which society requires from the journalist.


Lasha Bughadze

Best social media profile, blog or blog post

'Be Lysistratas' (Radio Liberty); Writer Lasha Bughadze tells the reader about frequent violence towards women in the country, on the example of Athenian woman Lysistrate on the traditional blog of “Radio Freedom” as well about its reasons, society indifference, importance of women’s involvement in political and social life, about that inevitable stage “when an oppressed person must not be alone face to face to despot in no case” and about the women themselves, who would become the Lysistrates one day by all means.
This is not a simple post about the violence towards the women, or a post about necessity to stop this violence; this is the post about every woman, who bears Aristophanes’ Lysistrate inside. Athenian Lysistrate, who managed to give the awaited peace to wise women in old Athens and modern Lysistrate, who “may endure for a long time, but one day she is certain to raise a voice by all means”. 


Kakheti Info Centre

Most informative news agency or online newspaper

New media has not been a new one already for a long time, though it is still considered as a new challenge for the ethical journalistic till present. Reason of this, maybe, turns out to be almost endless and permanently renewable possibilities.
Kakheti Informational Center managed to create and develop the web-site in the terms of modern, high internet competition and with limited financial resources, which equalizes its own professional and ethical standards to the traditional media demands;
It is distinguished with the actual topics, original and exclusive materials, which many times has become the informational source for major media outlets. 

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Goga Aptsiauri 

EUMM Special Prize for Peace Journalism 

'Pain and Hope From Sarajevo' (

Journalist Goga Aptsiauri tells the reader about his voyage in Bosnia-Herzegovina, shares his own impressions and pain of those people, which reminds him, as the journalist, working in the conflict zone for many years, very familiar pain.
Goga’s work, first of all, makes us to think how every war is similar, like the children of war; how many common grounds may be found by the people, being on different sides of conflict even when they are separated other by optional borders from each …
At the same time it reminds us once again that borders really are very optional comparing with humans’ love, friendship and hope.