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Mariam Otarashvili

Best investigative or opinion article in printed or online media 

The First Report From Tskhinvali Post War
Mari Otarashvili, “Resonance”
After the August war, society’s interest has been sharpened to the issue of what Tskhinvali has come to represent, how its citizens live, what the town looks like, and what has changed since the war. The attempt of the journalist to show this picture to the public is of utmost importance, and the courage and work required for its preparation is to be especially valued.

Moreover, the author manages, without his subjective opinions and impressions, to show the reader the picture he has encountered in Tskhinvali, describing the situation there objectively and impartially. It is these factors which make Mari Otarashvili’s work stand out. 

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Giorgi Mgeladze

Best TV/Radio report

TV Investigation `Agent Provocateur at the Service of the Authority` (Studio Monitori)

Journalistic investigation is something which the Georgian media lacks. The necessity of journalistic investigation becomes especially apparent when we have to deal with such facts such as those shown in Giorgi Mgeladze’s film.

“Agent Provocateur in the service of Government” fully answers and relates to the function and obligation which journalism has towards society: vigilant to all violations of law, providing the public with the information based on facts and doing everything possible to ensure that the information delivered to the public is double-checked and propped up with evidence, and the opinions expressed fortified with facts.

Apart from the work following these principles, the story, facts and documents are well put together and well presented in the film. Appearance in the film of each new hero or information further intensifies the spectators’ interest and expectations.

And what’s especially important, Giorgi Dzneladze’s “Agent Provocateur” once again proves that present day Georgian journalism is unthinkable and unacceptable without true investigative journalism.  

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Giorgi Kikonishvili

Best social media profile, blog or blog post

“Human, You Son of a Bitch”

“As soon as an idea crosses my mind, I remember the words exclaimed by Shako while drinking beer in the forest behind TSU: “Human, you son of a bitch.” This is an excerpt from a blog posted by Giorgi Kikonishvili in the Liberal magazine, which once again reminds the reader of the core value of life– being a human being.
Based on this example, the author notifies the reader about his attitude towards human rights, the threat of power, and how compromising values can change an individual. In this way, he tries to make the reader think about topics which are often not given attention in the hard everyday reality of post-Soviet society. As a result, the author attempts to contribute to the formation of a humane society; a society in which surrendering to life’s hardships must not happen at the expense being a human. 

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Most informative news agency or online newspaper

Together with the increase of internet access in Georgia, the number of Web-portals and information agencies also grows, although with the increase of these figures the demand for the quality of the product increases too. Sharing information fast and operatively is no longer enough and an indicator of quality. Online media now has to to satisfy the same professional and ethical requirements as the traditional.

In this respect the online portal “Netgazeti” is really distinguished. Its creative team manages to be operative and at the same time – unbiased; providing society with daily information and simultaneously paying attention to the coverage and deep analysis of important issues, put forward new topics; prepare the articles and brief informative notes interestingly and attractively while abiding by professional and ethical standards. 

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Olesya Vartanyan

Special Prize for Peace Journalism

‘Hope keeps up the relatives’ (RadioLiberty/Echo Kavkaza)

 Media often plays an undesirable role in a conflict, when it can be used to benefit the powerful leverage influencing society, the use of which requires a very great responsibility. Very often, when media covers conflict, it overlooks people; people whose lives have been touched upon and changed, often forever, by these conflicts. These people, are brought together by private relations and sharing pain, irrespective of what the politicians do for their unification.

The work of Alesia Vartanian, in which you cannot find surplus evaluations or phrases, shows us the situation which now prevails in Abkhazia twenty years after the war, based on the example of such human tragedies. Although the families of those lost without a trace still do not have the graves of their children; she tells us about the successes in negotiations and the prospects, which can be decisive for each of these families and once again shows the main thing – those common points which despite the conflict, unite and bring people on different sides close together.